Did you know that South Lake Tahoe is the current Guinness Book of World Records holder of the longest single file bicycle parade? How could a town of only 24,000 hold that record? Well this past May over 1,188 of us came out on our bikes and set that record. Thats about 5% of the population, on bikes and riding together. This is one bike crazy town… thats how great a place it is to ride a bike. A few years back we were rated the third bike friendliest town in the US.

And most of us world record holders were on beach cruisers. Why? Well, if you are going to spend a few hours riding slowly through town with a thousand of your family, friends and neighbors then you want to do it and comfort and style. No other type of bike offers both the comfort and style of a slow rollin beach cruiser.

The upright seating posture of a beach cruiser along with the large padded dual springer seats lets you enjoy the ride instead of just trying to get you there quick like other bikes. No aching backs and sore bottoms with these bikes. Sitting up straight lets you look around instead of focusing on the path ahead. Taking it slow you experience more.

When I moved here 2 years ago I noticed that most local bike rentals carried mountain and comfort bikes and few were offering beach cruisers. I ride a beach cruiser and so do most of my friends. Not only were just a few beach cruisers available for rent but that they were bare bones… no baskets, bells or any extras. I equiped all my bikes with front removable baskets. Who wants to ride around all day with a pack on your back or a purse on your shoulder? Bells also. You don’t want to have to shout at someone in your way.

Then I went the next step and put full lights on them so you can ride at night. We have a great paved bike trail system here in town and it is really fun to be out there at night riding around. There is nothing quite like riding the Pope Baldwin Forest Bike Path on a moonlit summer night. Ride slow and look carefully and you may spot an owl on the hunt. You may also see a 600 pound bear like I did last summer so be careful (though that was in town!)

The beach cruiser is a true American inovation. Designed by Frank W. Schwinn and introduced in 1933, the cruiser bike quickly became the most popular bicycle in the United States until the 1950s. Since the late 1990s, beach cruisers have been regaining popularity. New American companies like Electra, Felt, Phat, Nirve and Sun to name a few have been producing high quality beach cruisers with new innovations in a variety of styles. Older well known names such as Schwinn, Trek, Giant, Marin, KHS, Haro and Huffy now produce beach cruisers as well.

Tahoe Beach Cruiser Rental Delivery features a wide variety of beach cruisers from over 10 of these manufacturers. You can visit the website and check out each and every bike. Not only can you see what it looks like but can check if it is the right size bike for you. (Once the bike has been delivered the seat and handlebars will be adjusted to your exact size.)

Delivery and pickup is a big bonus. No need to go wait at the shop, instead have the bikes delivered to you right where you are staying. No rushing back to the shop to avoid late return fees since the bikes will be picked up when you are finished. If you are just renting for a few hours then you can have the bikes delivered to where you will need them and they can even be picked up at a different place at the end of your ride. Delivery is free in the South Lake Tahoe area. Other areas at a small charge.

Consider keeping the bikes a full 24 hours since there are no overnight charges. Most bikes rent for $25 for the first day and half off for additional days. Weekly rentals start at $85 and are also on special. Check the website for other current specials or call and ask.

Need a kids bike, trailer or trail-a-bike? No problem and they are only $3 an hour or $10 for the first day, $5 a day after that or $25 a week.

No charge for extras like helmet or U-lock. Also free roadside assistance in the South Lake Tahoe area and flats fixed for free. Every rental also comes with a Tahoe Bike Map. Ask for directions to special places not marked on the map. Feel free to call with any questions and to reserve your beach cruiser.

Article by Todd Wasserman – Owner – Tahoe Beach Cruiser Rental Delivery